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The Giclee Print

Giclee image with magnifying glass

Featuring the fine art of the computer age, the quality demanded by the discerning collector

Pronounced "Zhee-clay" French for fine spray. It begins with a digital scan of the original artwork, using high end digital cameras to capture the depth of color, subtle hues, and intricate detail of the fine art original. This digital image is then sent to computer workstations where experienced technicians make any artist-requested modifications, then size and crop the image for printing. Precise computer calculations control 6 ink jets combining to produce hundreds of shades of dense, pigmented inks per jet. Printed on the best quality fine art paper available, the image is guaranteed not to fade for over 200 years. From this marriage of art and science emerges the Giclee fine art print - a precise reproduction with the look and feel of the original painting.

All images on the website, as well as archived paintings, are available as a Giclee reproduction.
For Purchase information please contact the artist.

T.J. Lick
Ph # (517) 230-3153
E -mailĀ
P.O Box 74 Boyne Falls, MI 49713

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